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What to Expect From a Collision Repair

Collision Repair Technicians is responsible for fixing damaged vehicle bodies after an accident. They perform a wide range of repairs from small dents to full rebuilds to major vehicle repairs such as body replacement. Some repairs may be required to fix your vehicle’s original problem and others may be required due to your vehicle’s condition after an accident. Regardless of what kind of repairs are needed, the technician is qualified to provide high quality repair work.

Before a collision repair technician can make any type of repair to your car or to your vehicle’s body, they must first take your vehicle in for a complete safety inspection. During this time, your car or vehicle body must be thoroughly inspected for any obvious damage that would prevent the repair being successful. An example of obvious damage would be holes or dents in your car. These holes or dents would not qualify for a collision repair if they were filled with body filler or epoxy. If you have any visible signs of damage then an insurance company would decline to pay for your repair.

After your car or vehicle has been inspected, the technician will prepare your car or vehicle for collision repairs. They will typically begin by removing any interior accessories such as seat cushions and mirrors. Next the car or vehicle will be thoroughly inspected for any visible damage that would prevent the repairs from being successful. If you or anyone else is operating the vehicle at the time of the collision then it is critical that no one is injured or trapped in the vehicle. This is especially true if the repairs are being made on a moving vehicle.

Collision repairs typically include fixing any visible damage such as dents or dings in your car or on the frame of the car. Sometimes your windshield may need to be replaced and other times a paint job will be necessary. The entire vehicle will also need to be examined for any dented or damaged components. These repairs are often covered by the collision and comprehensive insurance of the driver.

Many auto body repairers use a high pressure air compressor to power airbags and repair tools. These tools can quickly and efficiently repair most dented or damaged areas of your car or truck. An airbag is used when the car or truck comes into contact with another vehicle.

Your car or truck will be at the service center until the repair is completed. The auto body repairer will then provide you with a detailed description of the repair process and the approximate cost of the repair. This is typically done after the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and the vehicle owner has agreed to pay for the repair. If you have questions about the cost or what will happen to the damaged area once the repair is complete then an experienced automotive expert should be consulted.

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